DaGO-Fun - Database for GO-based Functional Annotation Analysis
IT-GOM: Integrated Tool for IC-based GO Semantic Similarity Measures

This engine provides the information content (IC) of GO terms, semantic similarity between GO terms and GO-based protein functional similarity scores. The specificity of GO terms and the similarity of biological content between GO terms or proteins are transformed into numeric values for protein analyses at the functional level. This enables protein comparisons based on their biological roles and facilitates efficient exploitation of biological knowledge embedded in the GO DAG. These semantic similarity approaches have now been deployed in the GO enrichment (GOSS-FEAT), gene search (GOSP-FIT), functional classification (GOSP-FCT) and annotation prediction tools.

IC-based GO Measures:
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  • Step 1 Calculating allows you to select the nature of scores you want to compute. In step 2 Tool Category you select which family of tools you want to run and one of several approaches. Step 3 Options allows you to choose the way you want your protein pair scores to be calculated.
  • The Ontology in Step 1 allows you to select the GO ontology: Biological Process (BP), Molecular Function (MF) or Cellular Component (CC).
  • Please, build your model Step-by-Step from Query --to-- Input.